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Helping Children Reach Milestones

in a Developmentally Appropriate Manner

Meet our 2022-2023 Graduates:

  Michael Parr & Mikala Dimbo

Molding Young Minds to Great Leaders of Tomorrow 

Let your precious ones grow as responsible ADULTS you want them to be with help from Small ADULTS in the Making Group Family Daycare. We don’t only teach children the basic fundamentals. We also guide and direct kids to support early childhood development.


Our day care center is a home that replicates a clean and safe school environment. We have child-sized furniture, cubbies, and more. In addition, the building where we are has an elevator. Reach out to us in Harlem, New York to schedule a virtual tour!


*Transportation Services to local Harlem Schools will be offered in the near future.


What We Offer

  • Field Day Trips
  • Home-Cooked Meals
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Uniform, Structure, and Enrichment Program


I was terrified to put my son in daycare at 1 years old.  I'm not sure whose separation anxiety was worse mines or his.  But Small ADULTS Daycare made the transition very smooth and something about Ms. Samanthia made me trust that my son would be in good hands.  From a shy baby to a talkative and sassy toddler.  Ms. Samanthia help my son be independent and made learning fun.  As he got older she still showered him and all her other kids with love. But also showed tough love when needed and I love that!  I would recommend this daycare to any and everyone.  My next child will definitely be attending.  Thank you Ms. Sam!!!
Mother of Michael Parr
Your little person graduated.  She leaves kindergarten reading at a 2nd grade level and that's nothing but you and us.  I will forever be grateful to you.  
Mother of Brooke Samuel
Saw a picture of Jolee just now in the library video, we miss you.  Well Jolee won't remember but I miss your service.
Mother of Jolee Morrison

Share What You Think About Us 

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