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Everything Your Kids Need

Before Going to 

Day Care Is Here


Gear Up Your Kids for a

Fruitful Day

Get your children ready for a fun-filled learning experience at

Small ADULTS in the Making Group Family Daycare in

Harlem, New York. We have the uniforms and book bags they’ll need when they attend our day care programs.

The safety and well-being of your precious ones are important to us. That’s why we believe in Quality versus Quantity.  We foster

to care for each child on a one-on-one basis and focus on 

their milestones.  We also collaborate with Early Intervention Therapists.

Products We Sell

Children's Red Polo Shirts With Logo - $20 Each

*Sizes: 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 7

Book Bags With Program Name - $5 Each

*Available in Various Colors

Toddler-Sized Face Masks With Logo - $5 Each

*Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Gray

Coffee Mugs With Logo - $10

ADULT t-shirt with Logo - $10

ADULT Polo Shirts with Logo - $$25

*Available in Red and White

Enjoy Your Shopping

Our Online Store Will Be Opening Soon

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